Lectures and tours

Join us on a journey into the unique landscape around the old farm from 1778, which rests on 48 hectares that offers both dead landscape, a no-dig vegetable garden, fields, meadows and a sea of rare plant and animal species. Tine Hage, owner and creator of organic farming Mangholm, specializes in natural resources, nature management, organic farming and the old breeds of breeding animals, and has unique knowledge that is essential in today's green transition.


Some of the topics we touch on:

• We emphasize the organic and gentle production of food with a focus on nature, conservation, cultural history, climate and good taste. We question what quality is and how we ensure healthy and sustainable raw material production.
• We look at how to produce vegetables in a regenerative agriculture that is also climate-friendly and
has a focus on biodiversity.
• In a time of rootlessness, we see the work of the hand as a possible answer to some of the challenges many young people face
with today. The welfare of the animals in sustainable agriculture is also a major focus in modern versatile agriculture -
how do we unite animals, plants, earth and people.