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Updated: June 7, 2021

The privacy policy applies to:


Hillerødvej 20,

3400 Hillerød

1. Protection of privacy

With Mangholm's privacy policy, we want to explain how we collect, use and protect the personal data we have about you. The privacy policy also describes your options for gaining insight into and revising the information. It is Mangholm's goal to protect your personal information, regardless of where it is collected, passed on or stored.

Personal information is understood as information that can be used to identify a person. That is first and last name, private address or other physical address, e-mail address or other contact information, regardless of whether they relate to the person's private residence or workplace.

2. Collection and use of information

As a general rule, you can visit without providing personal information about yourself. However, you can choose to submit certain personal information about yourself, e.g. your email address if you wish to subscribe to a newsletter, name, address and telephone number if you buy something on the site (in the form of orders etc.) or other changes on a site. How we collect and use the personal information you provide yourself is described in more detail in the subsection on Collection and use of personally provided information.

In addition to the information that you provide to us yourself, your computer automatically provides some data that we collect for e.g. statistical use. This information, as well as how we use it, is described in more detail in the subsection on Collection and use of automatically provided information.

2.1 Collection and use of automatically provided information

If you visit to read or download material, we collect and store the information that your computer automatically provides. The information is collected in a so-called server log and includes

  • the time of your visit to the website
  • the address (URL) of the visited page
  • your IP address
  • domain name
  • browser type
  • operating system (depending on your browser)
  • URL of the reference page (the page you come from depending on your browser) and
  • connection type (modem, ISDN, ADSL, etc.)

Your IP address can, with the help of your internet provider, be linked directly to your physical address, and thus used to link the household to internet behaviour. The IP address is therefore considered personal information which, according to the Personal Data Act, must be protected in the same way as other personally identifiable information.

The mentioned information is collected for statistical purposes. We use and analyze the information so that we can identify trends and usage patterns on our website. The information is only combined with personal information about a user of, if investigations on a legal basis in connection with crime and security breaches require it.

2.2 Collection and use of personally provided information

As a user of a website, it may be necessary to provide personal information in order to obtain a given service. For example, you cannot access your annual statement from SKAT without first having identified yourself (via digital signature or key-in code) to SKAT. You thus have to voluntarily submit information about your identity before you can access the service. Likewise, it is also necessary to provide your e-mail address before you can use a newsletter service. If the service does not have your e-mail address, the letter cannot be sent out. Below is a list of the services we offer at, which information we collect in connection with this, and how we process them.


If you contact us by e-mail, we recommend that you use secure and encrypted communication that you achieve by using our contact module or by writing to us privately (see bottom of this privacy policy). We only use your personal data in the e-mail to answer your inquiry and to be able to provide you with the requested information. If your inquiry relates to a specific case, or the inquiry gives rise to a case, it will be archived electronically on the case. The case's documents will be covered by the rules in the Public Disclosure and Administration Act, in line with Mangholm's other correspondence. Mangholm never collects additional information about you from third parties.

If we wish to use your information for a purpose that is not in accordance with the specified or legally authorized purpose, we will obtain your consent. You can revoke a consent at any time by contacting

If you sign up for our newsletter, we save your email address. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. When you cancel your subscription, the information about you is deleted.


Online trading at takes place through a secure and encrypted SSL connection. The payment itself takes place through ePay's payment module, and here our privacy policy no longer applies. We therefore refer you to read ePay's privacy policy.

When ordering goods, we require the following personal information: Name, e-mail and telephone number. This information is used exclusively for identification and possible communication between Mangholm and the customer. The information is voluntary, but required to order a product from us. If you wish to check the possible information we store about you, please refer to point 6.

3. Use of cookies

Mangholm uses cookies on Cookies are digital information packages that are stored on your hard drive.


"Per-session" cookies are only stored in the memory of your browser. They are deleted every time you close your browser.

Per-session cookies work in such a way that the user's browser is assigned a random ID number. When users navigate around the website, you can study the click behavior by following the ID numbers. The random ID number is not connected to the individual user's IP address or anything else that can identify the user. By studying the behavior of a lot of users, you can see how users interact with the website. From there, the navigation and content can be designed in a way that improves the content on the website and thus also the experience.

Per-session cookies respect users' privacy by not linking behavior with personal information. A new session cookie is always generated for each visit, and per-session cookies cannot be read by other web servers.

You can disable the use of cookies in your browser. It does not affect your experience of


A "persistent" cookie resides permanently on your computer. The cookie is used to recognize your computer when you visit, and it can thus improve your use of our website. The cookie stays on your machine until the expiry date or until you delete it yourself. It is therefore not more permanent.

You can turn off the use of cookies in your browser, but this may mean that certain services on do not work fully. We do not link information stored in a user's cookie with other personal information about the user.


A cookie can also be divided into 1st party cookies and 3rd party cookies depending on who places the cookie on the website.

1st party cookies are the cookies that are placed by the owner of the website, who is the one that the user directly interacts with. Third-party cookies are those that are placed on the website by a third party, where this person or others gain access to the data that is collected.

3.1 Use of 1st party cookies

The website uses 1st party cookies to:

  • To generate statistics about the behavior of website users in an attempt to improve the experience in the future
  • Memorizing certain settings on the page, such as rejecting pop-up windows etc

4. Links

Mangholm's website contains links to information written and maintained by other public and/or private institutions. If you click on a link to another website, you leave Mangholm's website. With this, our privacy policy no longer applies, which is why you should read the privacy policies of external parties.

5. Disclosure of information

Any form of registration on is optional. If you choose not to register or provide personal information, you can still use However, there may be services that you do not have the opportunity to take full advantage of.

Personal information on is only passed on to internal departments in Mangholm to fulfill support obligations. Mangholm only passes on personal data to the authorities to the extent required by law.

Mangholm never passes on personal data to other third parties.

6. Control of personal information

You can ask us at any time whether we hold personal information about you and you can also ask for a copy of the personal data we hold about you. Before we send personal information to you, we will ask you to identify yourself. If you cannot prove your claimed identity, we reserve the right to refuse to send you personal information. You can of course ask for a reasoned answer for this action and challenge the answer.

We will make a great effort to send you the requested information within a reasonable time, and we will incur costs in connection with sending you your data. You can at any time request that we delete or correct your personal information in our records.

Contact for requests of the above nature, or write to us at the following address:


Hillerødvej 20,

3400 Hillerød

However, proof of your claimed identity is required.

7. Security in information collection and storage

Mangholm recommends that you use secure communication in your correspondence with us, especially if your inquiry contains personal information. This is done by signing and encrypting e-mails to us. See at the bottom of this policy how to do this.

We have also implemented a security policy with associated procedures and technology based on the Norwegian standard for information security (DS 484). We have done this to secure the personal data against:

  • unauthorized access
  • improper use, reuse or publication
  • unauthorized modification
  • improper deletion or loss

All our employees who have access to or are associated with the processing of personal information are obliged to respect our visitors' personal data.

8. Complaints about information collection and use

Mangholm is subject to the provisions of the Personal Data Act on the processing of personal information. The Personal Data Act is administered by the Norwegian Data Protection Authority. If you experience a violation of your privacy while using, or during other interactions with Mangholm, you can complain to the Data Protection Authority about Mangholm practices.

The Danish Data Protection Authority's contact details appear below.

The Norwegian Data Protection Authority

Borgergade 28, 5.

1300 Copenhagen K

Telephone: 3319 3200

Fax: 3319 3218


9. Changing and updating the privacy policy

You can always see at the top of our privacy policy when the policy was last updated and/or changed.

10. Questions about the privacy policy

If you have questions about our privacy policy, our collection of data or our processing of information, you can always contact us at:


Hillerødvej 20,

3400 Hillerød


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